About Cyber Solutions -ICA

Cyber Solutions (ICA) [CSICA] Independent Consultant Agency [LLC/Non-Profit] exists to inform our members, clients, customers and volunteers by enabling remote learning by leveraging our knowledge, skills, abilities within the Cyber Domain. We provide free on site and remote mentor-ship, with training on solutions that support local communities, special groups, low income families as well as those individuals victimized by identity theft. We leverage a workforce which consists of Independent Contractors, Veteran Interns and a Volunteer workforce funded from purely charity, donations and government grants when fortunate enough to receive.

CSICA enables rural economically challenged communities, requiring broadband access (via 3G/4G/LTE access points), the resources for e-learning, onsite and remote mentor-ship leading to; Achieving e-Connectivity for Rural America, Development of the Rural Economy, Leveraging Technological Innovations, Supporting the Rural Workforce, and Improving Quality of Life as it relates to Cyber Security Domain.

Once trained, our learners gain valuable experience in their area of emphasis by applying newly obtained skills against our existing real world project lists yielding positive enduring results and a coveted letter of reference from our Non-Profit & supporting Profit entities.

We don't just stop there.

We continue to provide dedicated discounted "connected" work-spaces to use as they work for their remote employer and support them with their continued education!

About the Clarksville Community Mesh Project (CCMP)

We are a community network offering fast, affordable, and fair access to the Internet for all our Members. By joining the Clarksville Community Mesh Project (CCMP), you can access the Internet while simultaneously helping your neighbors get better, safer Internet access, too. Adding an Clarksville Community Mesh connection to your residence, business or building can serve as a backup Internet connection in case your commercial Internet service goes down.

As a community network, city residents such as yourself take it upon themselves to maintain and grow the network. This means that in addition to accessing the Internet, you can also make friends, meet neighbors, and learn valuable technical and computer skills by participating in our active community, either in-person or online.

We regularly host information briefs and remote learning events both online and at our facility. Both are great places to ask questions and otherwise connect with our active community.