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Cyber Security Senior (Members Only)

Course Sku Course Name

Product-Og-86175 CompTIA Network+ (N10-007)

Product-Og-86176 CompTIA Network+ (N10-007)

Product-Og-86178 CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501)

Product-Og-86179 CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501)

Product-Og-86182 CompTIA CASP+ (CAS-003)

Product-Og-86183 CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-001)

Product-Og-86184 CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-001)

Product-Og-86283 CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004)

Product-Og-86288 CompTIA Server+ (SK0-004)

Product-Og-86289 CompTIA Core Blockchain

Product-Og-86293 CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002)

Product-Og-86297 CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-004) 30-09-2020


1: What is Information Security?1h 15m 46s

2: What are the threats?52m 22s

3: How to practice Information Security at Work54m 47s

4: Email Safety and Safe Online Browsing32m 19s

5: Security Policy & Conclusion27m 18s

6: CEH - Introduction to Ethical Hacking3h 55m 47s

7: CEH - Enumeration3h 17m 57s

8: CEH - Test Prep Questions41h 35m 55s

9: BONUS SECTION: Ethical Hacking Labs5h 39m 11s

10: CEH - System Hacking7h 2m 6s

11: CEH - Hacking Web Applications4h 57m 7s

12: CEH - SQL Injection4h 8m 48s

13: CEH - Hacking Wireless Networks3h 36m 40s

14: CEH - Hacking Mobile Platforms2h 18m 11s

15: CEH - Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots2h 35m 14s

16: CEH - Cloud Computing2h 39m 10s

17: CEH - Cryptography3h 25m 19s

18: Understanding APTs5h 37m 26s

19: Equation Group3h 15m 56s

20: Advanced Dissecting Techniques3h 46m 15s

21: Fighting ATPs1h 48m 23s

22: Security Fundamentals56m 29s

23: Systems Threats and Risks45m 58s

24: The Development of the Computer10m 28s

25: Computer Communication9m 11s

26: The Three Stages of Computing6m 40s

27: Microprocessors17m 4s

28: Power Supplies12m 43s

29: Computer Cases18m 57s

30: ROM and RAM16m 43s

31: Understanding Expansion Buses36m 23s

32: Disk Drives18m 35s

33: CD-ROM and DVD Drives26m 24s

34: Traditional cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitors26m 11s

35: Printer basics17m 56s

36: Types of portable computers11m 22s

37: Networking requirements35m 40s

38: Modems44m 3s

39: Operating System Basics1h 6m 20s

40: The Windows Family1h 57m 29s

41: Searching and Seizing Computers24m 34s

42: Digital Evidence23m 40s

43: First Responder Person28m 42s

44: Computer Forensic Lab48m 26s

45: Understanding HardDisks & file Systems32m 32s

46: Data Acquisition & Duplication59m 8s

47: Becoming an Expert Witness27m 13s

48: CSAT - Need for Security Analysis3h 56m 20s

49: TCP IP Packet Analysis5h 25m 31s

50: Penetration Testing Methodologies3h 30m 57s

51: Customer and Legal Agreements1h 46m 48s

52: Rules of Engagement50m 47s

53: Penetration Testing Planning & Scheduling1h 56m 54s

54: Pre Penetration Testing Steps2h 44m 36s

55: Protecting Systems1h 10m 59s

56: Network Defenses51m 7s

57: Network Security1h 26m 42s

58: Wireless Network Security26m 12s

59: Access Control Fundamentals37m 47s

60: Security Policies and Training37m 6s

61: 7 Layers of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model43m 17s

62: TCP/IP System Interconnect Model10m 4s

63: Open Systems Interconnect Model Comparison9m 53s

64: IPv4 Notation50m 4s

65: Private IPv4 Networks24m 58s

66: IPv6 Addressing15m 23s

67: The Purpose of Routing and Switching39m 23s

68: Explain the Common Networking Protocols27m 12s

69: Installing and Configuring2h 16m 3s

70: Network Management1h 28m 5s

71: Final Exam: Security Plus

72: CEH - Footprinting and Reconnaissance7h 18m 59s

73: CEH - Malware Threats4h 23m 51s

74: CEH - Social Engineering1h 29m 37s

75: Information Gathering2h 30m 39s

76: Vulnerability Analysis2h 51m 51s

77: External Penetration Testing5h 28m 19s

78: CEH - Sniffing4h 59m 30s

79: CEH - Denial of Service2h 47m 25s

80: CEH - Trojans and Backdoors8m 58s

81: CEH - Viruses and Worms53m 28s

82: CEH - Buffer Overflow5m 58s

83: CEH - Payment Card Industry (PCI)45m 53s

84: CEH - Penetration Testing39m 7s

85: CEH - Session Hijacking1h 45m 29s

86: CEH - Hacking Webservers2h 47m 28s

87: Phases Overview2h 4m 16s

88: Hunting2h 23m 38s

89: Features Extraction1h 37m 55s

90: Behavior Extraction1h 3m 42s

91: Clustering & Correlation1h 20m 56s

92: Attribution1h 27m 14s

93: Tracking51m 42s

94: Taking Down59m 59s

95: How Windows 98 Works34m 34s

96: The Right Tools for the Job34m 23s

97: Computer Disassembly and Reassembly38m 51s

98: Basic Troubleshooting Techniques44m

99: Electrical power57m 14s

100: Introduction to Computer Forensics37m 19s

101: Computer Forensics Investigation Process20m 21s

102: Recovering Deleted files & Partitions15m 15s

103: Steganography43m 59s

104: Application Password Crackers20m 39s

105: Log capturing & Event Correlation25m 59s

106: Network Forensics, Investigating Network Logs & Investigating Network Traffic53m 48s

107: Investigating Wireless Attacks29m

108: Investigating Web Attacks45m 25s

109: Tracking Email & Investigating Email Clients32m 16s

110: Mobile Forensics26m 54s

111: Investigative Reports18m 11s

112: Authentication43m 8s

113: Performing Vulnerability Assessments43m 37s

114: Conducting Security Audits21m 42s

115: Basic Cryptography1h 3m 48s

116: Applying Cryptography43m 10s

117: Business Continuity40m 13s

118: CEH - Scanning Networks9h 15m 59s

119: Internal Network Penetration Testing2h 28m 36s

120: Firewall Penetration Testing1h 23m 21s

121: Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Testing1h 38m 12s

122: Password Cracking Penetration Testing1h 8m 6s

123: Social Engineering Penetration Testing1h 14m 17s

124: Web Application Penetration Testing2h 9m 32s

125: SQL Penetration Testing37m 19s

126: Penetration Testing Reports & Post Testing Actions55m 24s

127: Database Penetration Testing57m 41s

128: Wireless Network Penetration Testing59m 21s

129: Mobile Devices Penetration Testing35m 22s

130: Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology46m 13s

131: Microsoft 365 GDPR Expert Training (GDPR E): Introduction to the GDPR1h 33m 52s

132: Principles of the GDPR42m 4s

133: Data Protection for GDPR2h 37s

134: Privacy by Design for GDPR1h 11m 13s

135: Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Report Management50m 9s

136: Beginning GDPR with Microsoft 36532m 34s

137: Microsoft GDPR Detailed Assessment Toolkit1h 42m 56s

138: Microsoft GDPR Data Discovery Toolkit2h 17m 51s

139: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Discover (Introduction)32m 45s

140: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Discover (Advanced Topics & Labs)3h 23m 50s

141: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Protect (Introduction)1h 15m

142: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Protect (Advanced Topics & Labs)5h 48m 57s

143: Introduction to the GDPR1h 53m 54s

144: Initiation to GDPR Compliance2h 37m 35s

145: Plan to Implement GDPR1h 21m 30s

146: Deploying the GDPR1h 58m 31s

147: Monitoring for Continuous Improvement of GDPR Compliance2h 5m 24s

148: FINAL EXAM: GDPR Practitioner Training1h

149: GDPR Awareness Training3h 7s

150: Security and Risk Management10h 8m 7s

151: Reverse Engineering2h 25m 16s

152: Malware Tricks4h 9m 10s

153: Defender Techniques1h 32m 53s

154: Laziok Energy Sector Infostealer - Reversing the Pseudo Randome Number Generator (PRNG)3h 27m 50s

155: Introduction to Microsoft 365 Security Training46m 25s

156: Office 365 Security Overview3h 56m 44s

157: GDPR with Microsoft Office 3652h 43m 17s

158: Encryption in Office 3652h 14m 36s

159: Search and Investigation in Office 3652h 14m 52s

160: Auditing in Office 3651h 53m 3s

161: eDiscovery in Office 3651h 32m 11s

162: Mobile Device Management (MDM)1h 12m 14s

163: Use Office 365 Tools for Security Investigations13m 22s

164: EMS: Introduction to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security2h 26m 22s

165: EMS: Identity Driven Security1h 27m 41s

166: EMS: Advanced Threat Analytics51m 37s

167: EMS: Identity and Access Management2h 49m 14s

168: Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge55m 1s

169: Device Guard in Windows 102h 33m 2s

170: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection1h 17m 38s

171: Windows 10 Identity Protection43m 23s

172: Information Protection in Windows 101h 3m 23s

173: Secure the Windows 10 Boot Process36m

174: Trusted Platform Module36m

175: Containers in Windows 1047m 33s

176: FINAL EXAM: GDPR Foundation Training1h

177: Course Syllabus - Robotics and Application of Machine Learning for Self-Driving Cars

178: Getting started with Python1h 33m 19s

179: Linear Algebra for Machine Learning with Python43m 18s

180: Intro to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning44m 10s

181: Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Techniques39m 40s

182: Linear Regression2h 10m 53s

183: Artificial Neural Networks3h 38m 59s

184: Introduction to Information Security and Ethical Hacking2h 2m 15s

185: Information Security Controls & Policies1h 16m 58s

186: Information Security Laws & Standards1h 24m 13s

187: Securing Operating System4h 52m 53s

188: Protecting Systems/Mobile Devices using Antivirus3h 19m 13s

189: Data Encryption2h 9m 11s

190: Data Backup & Recovery3h 9m 14s

191: Online Security2h 41m 4s

192: ITPA - Network Security1h 16m 2s

193: Securing Online Transactions2h 29m 7s

194: Controlling Processes47m 23s

195: Security Overview, Maintaining System Security2h 37m 59s

196: Intrusions50m 55s

197: Introduction to Snort2h 17m 42s

198: Configuring Snort2h 3m 41s

199: Preprocessors4h 7m 10s

200: Common Threats1h 43m 48s

201: Intrusion Detection Systems8h 47m 49s

202: NetFlow Analysis2h 2m 46s

203: Snort Output Plug-Ins2h 28m

204: Optimizing Snort2h 5m 31s

205: Inner Workings2h 37m 35s

206: Snort Rule2h 47m 23s

207: Intrusion Prevention Systems4h 17m 52s

208: Rule Options1h 22m 16s

209: Post Detection

210: Network Traffic2h 20m 25s

211: The World of Network Analysis44m 20s

212: Network Monitoring3h 25m 27s

213: Network Packet Analyzer2h 56m 3s

214: Working of Packet Sniffer31m 26s

215: Introduction to Wireshark2h 38m 52s

216: Capture Traffic3h 31m 56s

217: Create and Apply Capture Filters

218: Define Global and Personal Preferences1h 11m 4s

219: Analyze Domain Name System (DNS) Traffic31m 10s

220: Analyze Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Traffic28m 28s

221: Analyze Internet Protocol (IPv4/IPv6) Traffic1h 37m 21s

222: Analyze Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv4/ICMPV6) Traffic58m 50s

223: Analyze User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Traffic

224: Analyze Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Traffic

225: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Manage (Introduction)20m 52s

226: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Manage (Advanced Topics & Labs)3h 38m 22s

227: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Report (Introduction)51m 55s

228: Microsoft 365 GDPR: Report (Advanced Topics & Labs)2h 54m 39s

229: Asset Security28m 40s

230: Security Engineering1h 44m 7s

231: Communication and Network Security1h 5m 33s

232: Identity and Access Management30m 24s

233: Security Assessment and Testing25m 37s

234: Security Operations22m 8s

235: Software Development Security1h 56m 4s

236: CWAD - Cool Bypassing Techniques26m 14s

237: Windows Binaries1h 36m 4s

238: Arsenal 1013h 38m 2s

239: Dynamic Analysis2h 22m 22s

240: Office 365 Security & Compliance Center1h 46m 29s

241: Secure and Protect your Data1h 34m 35s

242: Threat Management in Office 3651h 45m 23s

243: Exchange Online Protection3h 37m 51s

244: Data governance in Office 3651h 47m 29s

245: EMS: Rights Management Services (RMS)1h 38m 1s

246: EMS: Information Security and Data Protection1h 26m 28s

247: EMS: Mobile Device and Application Management53m

248: EMS: Desktop Virtualization50m 3s

249: EMS: Introduction to Cloud App Security1h 3m 27s

250: Cyber Threat Landscape2h 55m 54s

251: Overview of Threat Resistance1h 26m 33s

252: Windows Defender Antivirus in Windows 101h 27s

253: Support Vector Machine (SVM)2h 15m 39s

254: Natural Language Processing2h 45m 17s

255: Clustering3h 7m 26s

256: Introduction to Robotics & Intelligent Systems17m 9s

257: Robotic System Architecture and Dynamics1h 3m 46s

258: Robotics Actuators, Sensors, and Batteries38m 22s

259: Working with Microcontrollers and Arduino1h 28m 41s

260: Serial Communication58m 14s

261: Pulse Width Modulation1h 12m 22s

262: HC05 Interfacing42m 6s

263: Self Driving Robot3h 3m 17s

264: Securing E-Mail Communications1h 26m 36s

265: Security on Social Networking Sites1h 23m 6s

266: Social Engineering1h 46m

267: Identity Theft1h 18m 12s

268: Securing Mobile Devices1h 32m 47s

269: Cloud Security1h 12m 52s

270: Incident Response1h 12m 29s

271: Secure Practices1h 23m 42s

272: Advanced Automated Tools & Virtualization

273: Advanced Windows Forensics

274: Communication and Messaging Forensics

275: Data at Rest

276: Capstone Exercise

277: Incident Response (Coming Soon)

278: Advanced Automated Tools (Coming Soon)

279: Windows Forensics (Coming Soon)

280: Data Acquisition & Duplication (Coming Soon)

281: Understanding HardDisks & file Systems (Coming Soon)

282: Investigative Reports (Coming Soon)

283: System Administration Overview1h 25m 11s

284: Installation and Configuration1h 44m 25s

285: Booting and Shutting Down Linux57m 38s

286: Managing Software and Devices1h 4m 57s

287: The Linux File System42m 46s

288: Linux File Security59m 22s

289: Working with the Linux Kernel35m 44s

290: Shell and Perl Scripting47m 54s

291: Overview of Viruses & Worms1h 5m 54s

292: Overview of Trojans1h 15m 19s

293: Understanding of Malware Analysis1h 48m 45s

294: Basic Malware Analysis1h 44m 31s

295: Static Analysis Techniques59m 30s

296: Dynamic Analysis Techniques36m 51s

297: Debugging Malware57m 15s

298: Malware Functionality1h 22m 27s

299: Combining Dynamic and Static Analysis Techniques14m 3s

300: Introducing BMC Remedy Problem Management22m 45s

301: Working with the Overview Console10m 45s

302: Working with the Problem Management Console8m 38s

303: Performing the Incident Request Review20m 23s

304: Performing the Root Cause Analysis20m 21s

305: Performing the Analysis Review12m 53s

306: Performing Periodic Checks13m 13s

307: Supplemental BMC Remedy Problem Management Features31m 31s

308: Managing Configuration Items7m 29s

309: Fundamental Routing Concepts1h 1m 49s

310: Remote Site Connectivity45m 4s

311: IGP Routing Protocols45m 11s

312: EIGRP Concepts59m 43s

313: Advanced EIGRP Concepts1h 3m 3s

314: Fundamental OSPF Concepts1h 3m 3s

315: The OSPF Link-State Database51m 59s

316: Advanced OSPF Concepts39m 44s

317: OSPF Version 337m 4s

318: Route Selection57m 51s

319: Internet Connectivity1h 13m 59s

320: iBGP & BGP Filtering20m 14s

321: IPv6 Internet Connectivity40m 42s

322: Router and Routing Security27m 35s

323: Routing Protocol Authentication43m 53s

324: Network Security Fundamentals1h 1m 11s

325: Network Foundation Protection (NFP) Overview37m 31s

326: Configuring and Implementing Switched Data Plane Security Solutions1h 18m 17s

327: 802.1X and Cisco Identity-Based Networking Services (IBNS)54m 15s

328: Implementing and Configuring Basic 802.1X1h 1m 32s

329: Deploy Authentication Features1h 10m 2s

330: Implementing and Configuring Cisco IOS Routed Data Plane Security1h 10m 59s

331: Implementing and Configuring Cisco IOS Management Plane Security2h 6m 40s

332: Implementing and Configuring Zone-Based Policy Firewalls1h 21m 53s

333: Implementing and Configuring IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)1h 12m 57s

334: Introduction to Cisco IOS Site-to-Site Security Solutions44m 8s

335: Deploying VTI-Based Site-to-Site IPsec VPNs58m 19s

336: Deploying Scalable Authentication in Site-to-Site IPsec VPNs1h 17m 33s

337: Deploying DMVPNs1h 4m 21s

338: Deploying High Availability in Tunnel-Based IPsec VPNs40m 27s

339: Deploying GET VPNs49m 41s

340: Deploying Remote Access Solutions Using SSL VPNs47m 27s

341: Cisco GET VPN34m 17s

342: Configure Cisco SSL VPN Gateway56m 17s

343: Deploying Remote Access Solutions Using EZVPNs57m 26s

344: Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance1h 18m 5s

345: Working with a Cisco ASA55m 37s

346: Managing a Cisco ASA1h 23m 21s

347: Recording ASA Activity39m 57s

348: Using Address Translation1h 21m 27s

349: Inspecting Traffic1h 53m 10s

350: Using Proxy Services to Control Access33m 3s

351: Handling Traffic26m 10s

352: Using Transparent Firewall Mode36m

353: Creating Virtual Firewalls on the ASA27m 39s

354: Deploying High Availability Features50m 18s

355: Integrating ASA Service Modules23m 2s

356: Evaluation of the ASA Architecture1h 5m 16s

357: Configuring Policies, Inheritance, and Attributes49m 24s

358: Deploying an AnyConnect Remote-Access VPN Solution51m 26s

359: Advanced Authentication and Authorization of AnyConnect VPNs56m 43s

360: Advanced Deployment and Management of the AnyConnect Client50m 12s

361: Advanced Authorization Using AAA and DAPs24m 5s

362: AnyConnect Integration with Cisco Secure Desktop and Optional Modules41m 17s

363: AnyConnect High Availability and Performance43m 42s

364: Deploying a Clientless SSL VPN Solution1h 13m 21s

365: Customizing the Clientless Portal52m 11s

366: Advanced Authorization Using Dynamic Access Policies33m 59s

367: Clientless SSL VPN High-Availability and Performance Options33m 2s

368: Deploying and Managing the Cisco VPN Client1h 1m 16s

369: Deploying Easy VPN Solutions42m 57s

370: Advanced Authentication and Authorization Using Easy VPN34m 51s

371: Advanced Easy VPN Authorization

372: High Availability and Performance for Easy VPN33m 17s

373: Analyze Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4/DHCPv6) Traffic

374: Analyze Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Traffic

375: Analyze File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Traffic

376: Introduction to 802.11 (WLAN) Analysis

377: TCP/IP2h 3m 44s

378: Introduction to Voice over IP (VoIP) Analysis

379: Analyze Email Traffic

380: Introduction to Malware1h 37m 48s

381: Easy VPN Operation Using the ASA 5505 as a Hardware Client26m 56s

382: Deploying IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs37m 18s

383: High Availability and Performance Strategies for IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs36m 44s

384: Introduction of SharePoint49m 10s

385: Finding Information39m 40s

386: Working With Lists50m 53s

387: Working with Libraries41m 48s

388: Working with Publishing Features40m 41s

389: Office Integration Features39m 14s

390: Leveraging Social Content in the Business36m 34s

391: Site Owner Responsibilities19m 8s

392: Creating and Managing Sites37m 42s

393: Permissions and Security26m 20s

394: Adding and Configuring Apps33m 27s

395: Adding and Managing Workflows20m 45s

396: Creating & Managing Content Types36m 49s

397: Document Lifecycle Management38m 57s

398: Site Customization45m 20s

399: Introduction to NetScout53m 8s

400: Introducing nGenius Real-Time Monitor1h 22m 25s

401: Launching nGenius Real-Time Monitor49m 24s

402: Getting Started With nGenius Server44m 18s

403: Getting Started With Traffic Monitor1h 16m 50s

404: Getting Started With Packet Analyzer1h 34m 58s

405: Networking Fundamentals (LANs, WANs, IP, TCPDump)1h 21m 39s

406: Defense Techniques Labs2h 38m 21s

407: Technologies in Internet Security1h 23m 47s

408: Secure Communications with Cryptography, Algorithms, and Steganography1h 55m 19s

409: Securing Windows2h 16m 51s

410: Security in Linux52m 58s

411: Introduction to Linux38m 25s

412: Linux Installation and Usage1h 25m 14s

413: Exploring Linux Filesystems1h 25m 16s

414: Linux Filesystem Management1h 32m 56s

415: Linux Filesystem Administration1h 45m 29s

416: Linux Server Deployment1h 8m 50s

417: Working with the BASH Shell1h 18m 51s

418: System Initialization and X Windows1h 14m 17s

419: Managing Linux Processes1h 1m 9s

420: Map Customization1h 48m 49s

421: Controlling Map Access34m 16s

422: Keeping Up with Events on Your Network: Beyond the Maps

423: Customizing Events: Doing It Your Way

424: Using Event Data

425: NNM on the Web

426: Maintaining NNM

427: Introduction to TCPdump and TCP6h 9m 14s

428: Fragmentation52m 28s

429: ICMP1h 26m 23s

430: DNS1h 14m 1s

431: Packet Dissection Using TCPdump59m 43s

432: Examining IP Header Fields1h 9m 22s

433: Examining Embedded Protocol Header Fields1h 22m 49s

434: Real-World Analysis59m 9s

435: Mystery Traffic2h 41m 5s

436: Writing TCPdump Filters1h 24m 54s

437: Introduction to Snort and Snort Rules3h 48m 55s

438: Strategic Planning & Finance (Coming Soon)

439: Computer Network Exploitation (Coming Soon)

440: Network Mapping (Coming Soon)

441: Types & Sources of Network Attacks (Coming Soon)

442: Identifying Insecurities in Network (Coming Soon)

443: Wireless Security (Coming Soon)

444: Network Security Auditing (Coming Soon)

445: Introduction to python and socket programming8m 17s

446: Python Installation22m 35s

447: Python data types35m 52s

448: Python if statements9m 4s

449: Python loops12m 35s

450: Python Functions22m 4s

451: Python File Handling25m 14s

452: TCP Server and Client32m 59s

453: UDP Server and Client27m 56s

454: Retrieving hostname IP and Banner grabbing27m 57s

455: Socket Server Framework22m 46s

456: Scapy9m 16s

457: Syn Flood attack with Scapy6m 21s

458: Ping Sweep with Scapy17m 52s

459: HTTP Server6m 15s

460: Object-oriented programming in python24m 27s

461: Sniffing with Scapy23m 18s

462: Buffer overflow and exploit writing with python7m 27s

463: urllib and httplib22m 15s

464: Ftplib22m 32s

465: Forensics Investigation with Python23m 26s

466: Modular Programming with Python22m 52s

467: Exception Handling in Python22m 36s

468: Common Administrative Tasks1h 12m 36s

469: Compression, System Backup, and Software Installation1h 15m 55s

470: Network Configuration1h 36m 31s

471: Configuring Network Services1h 25m 6s

472: Troubleshooting, Performance, and Security1h 22m 14s

473: Network Management with NNM25m 17s

474: How Does NNM Work?15m 58s

475: Resources Available While Learning NNM52m 13s

476: Planning Your NNM Configuration1h 5m 19s

477: Initial Network Discovery: Options and Troubleshooting50m 52s

478: Preserve Your Sanity: Backup and Polling Configuration34m 57s

479: Map Making Fundamentals33m 21s

480: Mitnick Attack1h 9m 30s

481: Architectural Issues1h 41m 34s

482: Organizational Issues1h 17m 10s

483: Automated and Manual Response4h 44m 21s

484: Business Case for Intrusion Detection1h 29m 53s

485: Future Directions1h 34m 17s

486: Bro IDS1h 28m 10s

487: Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 (Coming Soon)

488: Sites (Coming Soon)

489: SharePoint Server 2010 (Coming Soon)

490: Lists Concepts (Coming Soon)

491: Lists (Coming Soon)

492: Document Library (Coming Soon)

493: Form Library, Working with Form Libraries (Coming Soon)

494: Picture Library (Coming Soon)

495: Wiki Library (Coming Soon)

496: Report, Data Connection, Slide and Asset Libraries (Coming Soon)

497: Workflow, Records and Policies (Coming Soon)

498: Personalization Features (Coming Soon)

499: Considering PerformancePoint Services (Coming Soon)

500: Dashboards and Reporting Solution (Coming Soon)

501: Overview of Windows 10

502: Configuring Your Device

503: Installing Windows 10

504: Managing Storage

505: Configuring Network Connectivity

506: Managing Files and Printers

507: Managing Apps in Windows 10

508: Managing Data Security

509: Managing Device Security

510: Managing Network Security

511: Maintaining Windows 10

512: Governance (Policy, Legal & Compliance) (Comin Soon)

513: IS Management Controls and Auditing Management (Projects, Technology, and Operations) (Coming Soon)

514: Management – Projects & Operations (Coming Soon)

515: Information Security Core Competencies (Coming Soon)