Q: What is my first step?

A: Three steps:

  1. Like us on Facebook

  2. Follow us on Facebook

  3. Complete the registry form ( we will then reach out to you)

Q: Why have I not received a call back?

A: We do not see you on our Face Book page or not received your "Registry" submission

Q: What if I can not afford the Membership Fee?

A: Communicate with us to verify your willingness to be a "Learner" and we may be able to provide some Pro-Bono services.

Q: Do you sell internet?

A: No. However, we are utilizing devices that use specific band-width for educational spectrum, and thus support those that are life-long learners of Cyber Security. Additionally, we will serve a base station for our members, and continue our efforts with the Clarksville Community Mesh Project (CCMP) if the community believes it is of value. Membership includes access to internet connectivity if needed thanks to our Partners.

Q: What do I need to provide up front?

A: Monetarily, each Admin Fee ranges from $100 - $250.00 and then Monthly Membership donation of $55.00

A: Educational requirement: You must actively participate in our learning management system, newsletter, etc. We are going to provide information content on personal identifiable information (PII), Social Engineering, Cyber Bullying, Fraud, Identity Theft etc.... Doing this symbolizes that you as a member-learner are reading, watching and being actively educated of Cyber Security Vulnerabilities (Seniors, Phishing, Emails, etc.). We track, compare & contrast "likes" against our active membership to ensure continued service and compliance.

Q. How do you intend to carry out your charitable activities?

A: We have less than 8 Staff/1099/Volunteers. Almost at our year mark of survival.

Q. How will you identify the special groups, low income families and those victimized by ID Theft?

A: Self Reported, Registry Intake, Website Quiz, Social media...etc..

Q. How will you ensure that individuals/communities are low income?

A: Rural America has census information that establishes these standards. We have started with Clarksville, TX, and are beginning our assessment for facility #2 in the 4th Quarter of our second year of existence.

Q. What services or training that support local communities, special groups, low income families as well as those victimized by ID Theft will you provide?

A: Our website provides the information in detail including the 5Ws. in short, Basic Cyber Security Skills is free, as well as use of our resources as a member-learner, or learner as appropriate. We also educate through social media, please follow and like us when you can.

Q. If you had to start tomorrow, what services/classes would you provide, how often, what is your projected budget in the current and next 2 years?

A: We opened 4 Jan 21. Currently we are preparing the resources, establishing processes, and workflows for local and remote member-learners.

A: Classes are subject specific, Identity Theft, PII, Phishing, Cyber Bullying etc. Remote or at our facility. On-Demand. Also, dependent on who signs up for which class if in person.

A: Training resources are allocated to those who would like to continue there knowledge growth within this area of learning.

A: Operating annual budget full staff is 257k. Currently we are self-supporting until we receive corporate sponsorship, foundational grants, governmental grants, or individual donations.

Q. If the services/training's are free, as represented in your application, how do you intend to raise funds?

A: Cyber Security (Basic) is free. Non-Cyber Security (Basic) resources are fee based. Other services we offer are fee based, and-or membership based.