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Texas Non-Profit Licensed | Tax exempt Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) Approved!

  • Tax relief. The first and most obvious positive outcome of making charitable donations is the resulting tax deduction. If you run a Limited company in the United States and make charitable donations in the name of the business, up to 50 percent of your gross income can be donated and fully deducted from your taxes. Just make sure you record the amount in your profit and loss accounts. Also, if you want to claim tax relief on the amount, make sure that the charity you want to donate to is registered as a non-profit within the US.

  • All Levels of support receive this.

  • Only individual "Member Learners" are eligible for device.


Individual Membership Fees $55.00 (Recurring) -- $65.00 If NOT Recurring)


Non-Member Individual Donation

Can I gift a membership?

Yes, you can, and thank you for contributing in this important way! You can contribute to the membership of someone you don’t know by increasing the amount you pay for your own membership.

  • Attractive hiring points. When looking to hire new staff, you need to convince strong candidates that choosing to work for your company is a no-brainer. You're probably used to directing their attention to your 401K plan or a competitive salary. But what if you could also direct their attention to your company's reputation for giving back? Providing details about your company’s charitable giving and involvement with compelling social causes creates a positive view of your business as you go through the recruiting process. Wells Fargo is an exceptional example: in 2012, The Chronicles of Philanthropy recognized WF as the company who gave the most cash to charity throughout the year. Its cash donations alone amounted to 1.3% of its pre-tax profits.

  • All Levels of support receive and benefit by this.

Bronze ($300)

Business Contribution

  • In addition to the previous levels of support, except as noted, we will facilitate positive media coverage.

  • Positive media coverage. We will create some positive news for you by highlighting your willingness to give back to your rural community. It helps others, lifts the spirits of those who hear about it, and ultimately benefits your organization. Rural Communities will learn about your contribution through press releases produced by Cyber Solutions -ICA. Positive media coverage leads to a stronger brand image in the long run, and helps establish your company as a forward thinking organization within your industry.

As a sponsor, your request for services is prioritized above non members/non sponsors.

Up to 4 hours of concierge services (those beyond the scope of our regular services, or on-site services, valued at $86/hour, at your Clarksville location), or 8 hours of regular services (services as described on our website, and performed at our 203 S Walnut location), or a combination thereof (for example 1 hour of concierge services and 6 hour of regular services). You may receive up as much as $354 in services for your $300 donation. Unused hours do not carry over to the next month.

Additional services at reduced price ($46/hr for concierge services, $23/hr for regular services).

Services performed outside of Clarksville incur both mileage (and food/hotel if overnight) and hourly charge for travel, and are offered on an as available basis.

Silver ($500)

Business Contribution

  • In addition to the previous levels of support, we will facilitate cross coordination and engagement with our other contributors.

  • Stronger partnerships and referrals. Charitable giving helps you meet your corporate social responsibility commitment while creating lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with us AND our other contributors. Your business can benefit from the additional publicity and referrals that come about through these partnerships.

Gold ($700)

Business Contribution

  • In addition to the previous levels of support, we will post, re-post and comment on your Social Media.

  • Viral marketing opportunities on social media. It’s no secret that social media campaigns are an incredibly important part of any marketing strategy these days. However, social media marketing only works when a two-way conversation is created, and charitable giving provides you with opportunities to make this happen. We will post a short video of your business contribution to our mission highlighting your giving.

Diamond ($1500)

Business Contributor Status Plus

  • This level status, In addition to the previous levels of support, includes real world Cyber Security Assessments which identifies your organization's Cyber Vulnerabilities as well as providing experience to our Local and remote Intern, 1099 workforce.

Other Donation Options

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