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Cyber Security Education (Basic):

  • *Personal Identifiable Information

  • *Identity Theft

  • *Framework familiarization with National Initiative for Cyber Education (NICE)

  • *K12 education and development (Virtual Access)

  • *Elearning courses

  • *Industry Certification familiarization and e learning access

(CompTia, SANs, EC-Council, ISC2, etc…)

  • *Virtual Labs

  • *Virtual Classroom

  • *Learning Cyber Cafe

  1. Cyber Security Education; Specialized Groups;

    • *Veterans, Victims of Identity Theft; Poverty Level

    • *Leverage Online Training Resources; Udemy, Datacamp, coursera, SkillPort, FedVTE, NCCIS

    • Splunk, Python, Metasploit, Security Onion, ELK Stack, BURP Suite, Cobalt Strike, mySQL Workbench, Redmine, Atom, EndGame, Windows Encase, ACAS

    • *Existing Veteran Counseling, or Mentorship with TTP/BBP

    • *Phone Security (Android)

    • *eBAY

  1. Purchasing / Adding / *Training / Set-up Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  2. Provide remote Cyber training 365 instances for community and veteran use over time, instances assigned to individuals but funded, supported and tracked by CSICA.

Additional Resources and Focus points#

  • Cyber Security Open Source Tools (KALI), Open Source Resources, Image ISO Laptop access, Road Warrior Security, Recommendations of Cyber Insurance, Portable Linux w/Persistence (VBOX), Identification Authentication (DISA) leveraging Portable LINUX (DoD Cert Capable).

  • Cyber Range

  • Web Security, Exploitation

  • WiFi Access --Zero Trust access; White Listing Cyber Education Sites

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