(Grandma's perception) : Cyber Security Training, Mentor-ship, and supporting resources will always remain "Free", no cost at all. Our long-term vision is that we would like to support many rural communities and increase our services as our Non-profit grows with Staff, and Learners. Eventually, those moving beyond the basics will have the opportunity to test for certification and increase their chances of obtaining remote employment.


Cyber Solutions (ICA) Independent Consultant Agency [LLC/Non-Profit] exists to inform our clients and enable decision making by leveraging our knowledge, skills, abilities within the Cyber Domain with that of your interest while brokering validated solutions with our approved providers . Each of our Stakeholders (Solution Providers) provide solutions, as 1099 Independent Contractors or Freelance Skill providers, which they anticipate will be in great need from the larger population.

Together we Team up...knowledge, skills....abilities...to provide you alternatives which lead to the successful resolution of critical issues facing our clients. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.We provide a broad range of consultation services and proven solutions that facilitate change, achieve their vision, optimize performance, increase productivity and inform their own situational awareness.