Success Stories

We are now officially open, and are engaged in services and support for members of the local community. Below are a few of our success stories.

Success: Immediately, upon arrival one potential member stopped by and asked if we could help with a computer software related issue, due to licensing of more than a $1000.00! He just could not afford it. Cyber Solutions -ICA was very pleased to fix his machine and obtain the open source software which enables the use of his Plasma Cutter, which had NOT been used in more than 10 Years due to the propriety software licensing requirements! How does this benefit the community? Another service this small business owner can provide to rural America.

Success: With our preliminary arrival August 2020, one potential member and one existing member requested our digitization services to support their VA Claims. Cyber Solutions -ICA is proud to be able to serve our Nation's Veterans. More than 8 Gigabyte of data was digitized from hard copy documentation, burned to digital media (then deleted from our systems) for their use at no cost to them and more than 60 man-hours of time, energy, and effort. End result? Successful subsequent claim for disabilities earned more than a decade ago! How does this benefit the community? Compensation claims to a Veteran yield monetary results. This money is spent locally, thereby benefiting the local merchants!

Success: A potential member inquired about our research capabilities. He was attempting to sell a used Recreational Vehicle and motor vehicle, but he had been unable to find local buyers. Not only were we able to research the best selling prices, we also were able to research and locate prime selling locations across the country. The potential member has since sold his motor vehicle, and is in the process of selling his RV! Great Success!

Success: A member of our organization had a 14 year old VHS of a cherished memory that he wanted converted to DVD. CSICA was able to convert the VHS to DVD so that our member can once again enjoy the video that he had not been able to watch in years! At low cost, our services help members save money, which can be then spent on other necessary bills!

Success: A potential member came to CSICA requesting research on a generator that he is attempting to sell. CSICA identified all relevant information concerning the generator, and subsequently enabled the potential member to make the best decisions possible with the selling of his machine. CSICA gladly enables the ability for these individuals to bring income to themselves and their surrounding community.

Success: A new Member Vet Learner & Veteran has used the facility to verify his ID and submit a VA claim. CSICA helped him in every step of the way, from helping him register as a member here, to allowing him to speak with a VA representative via video chat in our sound-proof, private cells. By providing this opportunity, CSICA can save our Veterans time and money that they would otherwise spend on travelling to VA hospitals.

Success: A potential member has a vast collection of cherished VHS tapes that he wishes to watch. However, his well-used VCR has stopped working. The potential member was trying to procure a new VCR, but these machines now cost at least $300 USD, as no new ones are being made. CSICA volunteers, in understanding his plight, were able to locate and procure a working VCR for our potential member. We did so, gladly, for now another member of our American rural community is happy, which is what we strive for.