CSICA welcomes our newest volunteer, Support Staff (Remote) Efficiency Expert and Marketing Specialist! Mr. Rahm

Mr. Rahm, joins our Team with over 24 combined years of experience. He is an ex-PMP that specializes in Business Development, Process Optimization, HR, IT Infrastructure, and Project Management. His experience includes; Texoma Land Consultants: Business Development, Martin Sprocket & Gear: HR, Purchasing, Safety, OSHA, Training, and IBM: Business Consulting, Marketing, Sales, Technical Consulting.

We are very excited to add his skill-sets to our own, and look forward to his engagement in improving our processes and informing our members via marketing techniques.

Please welcome him via email bob.c.r@cybersecurityteam6.org

CSICA friends and family, please help us welcome Mr. Kleemeyer to the team!

Mr. Kleemeyer is a high performance computing expert and Linux professional. Due to his experience in working with processing clusters, NAS storage, computing solutions, ethernet, Infiniband, and tape backup systems, he has been hired as our EA after only one week of volunteering. We look forward to working with Mr. Kleemeyer.

Please welcome him via email jeff.t.k@cybersecurityteam6.org

CSICA welcomes our newest volunteer, "Board Approved"!!! Remote Support Staff Mentor! Mr. Focella.

Mr Focella's professional experience includes; Programming Languages: Python2.7 and 3, Javascript, Solidity, Ruby, C#, HTML5, XML, CSS3, SPL, SQL, Bash, Groovy, C++, Libraries: web3, promises, async/await, jquery, ipfs-api, splunksdk, requests, mocha, highcharts, activeRecord, bootstrap4, ChromeExtensionAPIs, nightwatch, webpack, Archer Web Services, Applications: Splunk, Archer, Ansible, Github, Nagios, Q-Compliance Metamask, Rundeck, RubyonRails, .Net, Wordpress, WIX, JIRA, Confluence, Google Apps, Docker, Terraform, OpenStack, AWS, Google Cloud, OpenStack, CircleCI, and Microsoft Office.

We are very excited to add him to our Mentor-ship Team!

Please welcome him via email mentors@cybersecurityteam6.org