Volunteer Agreement


____________________ and Cyber Solutions -ICA & CST6



This is a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between ____________________, and Cyber Solutions -ICA/CST6. When referred to collectively, ____________________ and Cyber Solutions -ICA/CST6 are referred to as the “Parties.”

1. BACKGROUND: The Cyber Solutions -ICA/CST6 Mentorship/Teaching Program is designed to provide domestic Staff, Mentorship, Teaching, Instructor, and student teaching opportunities to students (& Member Learners) accepted in an approved certification offering. The parties volunteer, learn or mentor in accordance with established roles and responsibilities as well as the below specific caveat requirements in a no attribution setting while they are developing essential professional skills.

2. AUTHORITIES: Mission, Charter and Roles/Responsibilities, State of Texas, and Federal IRS.

3. PURPOSE: This document is an agreement between ___________________ and Cyber Solutions -ICA/CST6 to provide a practical work experience for learning / mentorship / teaching / counseling pre-professionals to work accomplished Cyber related roles and responsibilities to include Administratively associated actions i.e.; staff.


4.1. Mr./Mrs ____________________ agrees to nominate member learners, interns, volunteers, and students for participation in the program and to retain full responsibility for their education, including instruction, grading, monitoring, observations, critiques, and evaluations. CSICA & CST6 further agrees to be available for consultation and will provide all written and oral assessments necessary to award student credit for their student practicum. All parties are subject to the requirements of their work roles, but also must follow procedures for background checks, screening, training, and supervision of specified and non-specified volunteers working with children and youth.

4.1.2. Agrees not to provide or offer any additional compensation to employees for their assistance in this program.

4.1.3. Agrees to provide written description of requirements for the program, including its method of maintaining attendance and performance records for all parties.

4.1.4. Copies of this agreement shall be furnished to each of the parties. As a condition of participating in the program, each party shall sign this agreement acknowledging that his or her services to CSICA & CST6 are provided purely gratuitously. Except as noted below.

4.1.5. All services to CSICA & CST6 by the parties listed in this agreement purely voluntary and CSICA & CST6 will not provide compensation, travel allowances, or any other reimbursement or payment of any kind, to include benefits normally associated with CSICA/CST6 employment. Accordingly, medical and dental services may not be available, except on an emergency only basis, and the volunteer his/herself is responsible for payment of any medical and dental expenses. All parties will be required to wear a lanyard, shirt, hat badge.

5. Exceptions, Specific conditions, and agreed upon options:

  • Attendance tracking log used to support annual time and attendance memorandum for IRS in support of the 501C3; including estimated value by hour.

  • Travel tracking log used to support annual travel distances in support of the 501C3.

  • Logistical support requirements, lodging, physical assets, etc in support of the 501C3.

Volunteer:_________________________ Executive Director: ________________

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